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Heels Dance Classes - Beginners is all about giving you the confidence you’ve always wanted wearing your favourite heels, so you can embody some sass!

Strengthen your body while enjoying the freedom of feeling confident no matter your heels goals. What you wear is up to you, explore character and expression to a playlist of empowering beats.

Playful. Energetic. Sexy.


Level 1 - Wednesday's 7:00pm

Level 2 - Monday's 8:00pm*


To be eligible for Level 2, please contact Tania via email

Session Runs From: Sept 13 to Nov 8 2023

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Increased confidence in wearing heels

  • Gained experience in how to pose and present your body in a strong way

  • Explored fun ways of being creative with music and movement

  • Developed fundamental techniques 

  • Learnt how to pick up dance routines and retain choreography

Beginner Heels dance class that teaches you posture, poise and power as well as an introduction to choreography in an inclusive, fun, safe and beginner friendly environment. You will learn how to tackle the principles of wearing, walking, strutting and posing in heels.

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