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PC Game - Theme Hospital [ITA] TNT Village vernbar




on Sun, 03 Sep 2014 16:31:00 GMT. Chapter 6: Injustice Part I The portal opened and the portal shield on the door gave way. The entire school had gathered in front of the portal in time for the opening. At the end of the portal there were small lights reflecting from the stone floor. The small lights slowly started to turn a bit brighter. After a while, a female man appeared in the portal, her long black hair extended from her head. The light reflected from her eyes were countless and bright. The light that did not come from the portal, was from her eyes. Lumina stared at the students as they all prepared themselves. Who would the young man of her dreams be? The man said his name was Arc. Suddenly, he became shy, and Lumina’s heart skipped a beat. “Please come in.” The man said he would take her up to the Atrium. “Thank you.” Lumina felt like she was in a dream. She had spent so much time thinking about the man. She even dreamed of him. He was so handsome. And he was dressed in a black suit. Lumina gazed at him in silence as he held her hand. Just like that, she was led into the open space of the Atrium. People were filled the Atrium. The scene was bright. The people dressed in black stood in the center of the Atrium. They were the students of the teachers who had died. The students who were killed by the culprits, waited for their parents, they were told that they would be healed after the ceremony. The teachers told the students, “You have no need to be scared. As long as your parents come to the ceremony, everything will be fine.” Lumina was told she would be healed and her parents would be waiting. The teachers told the students that the culprits were no ordinary. They said the culprits would be punished. “Did they say anything about the Heavens?” Lumina asked. The teacher told the students, “No. I think they don’t know much about it.” “




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PC Game - Theme Hospital [ITA] TNT Village vernbar

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