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Is this program for me?

This program is for female fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about fitness, crave to follow the right exercise regimen, eating well, leading a healthy lifestyle, and want a positive attitude towards their body. 

What's included:

  • 2 instructors to lead you through the 6 weeks, while teaching you the proper way of training. 

  • Private Group classes 3x per week (18 classes)

  • Workout Program

  • Dietary & Supplement recommendation

  • Gym membership

How does it work?

This 6-week body reset program is designed to move your body out of “storage” mode through a combination of: a clean eating diet + specific supplements + strength training workouts. By doing this your body will be able to burn FAT and SUGAR again the right way!

But the big question is, are you willing to push yourself past your comfort zone to make real, long-lasting change?Most people fail because they are just temporarily changing their behaviours instead of building habits, work on their mindset and discipline by helping people focus on a sustainable, flexible and less restrictive approach that will lead to long-term results.

You ready for this six week program? I thought so. Let’s go

What's the program like?

Weight Training

You will be learning how to properly use dumbbells with proper form in our group workout sessions. The program includes a five day split and won’t be a traditional program. You're going to learn HOW to workout and you’re going to push yourself in a variety of ways to develop that muscle while etching out the detail that you need to create that shredded look. Lello and myself will be there to teach you, guide you and support you. 


Cardio will be performed High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Style) for 20 total minutes. We will work with you during the classes to get that cardio done.

Group Classes

We will be working together for 6 week in the gym through private group classes. Each week we will take you through your workouts while answering questions, correcting form, providing general training knowledge and so much more!

Plus, there will be additional workouts you can do at home or outside as well! 

Surrounded by amazing women and led by two passionate instructors, you're going to love this program and how you feel.


Due to the intensity of this program, we can only accept 15 women. Registration opens May 19th and closes on June 3rd.

Payment must be made in full to be considered part of the program. For payment plans, please email

Included, there are 18 classes with two instructors (Value of 1260$) 

Training Program (Value of 175$)

Gym membership (Value of 160$)

Total Value: 1595$



However, we are offering this package at 419$ which includes 18 training sessions, your program and your gym membership! 

Sign me up!
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