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Get gorgeous, salon-level hair at home 🏡

What makes a great #hairdryer? The key is a great hair dryer for easy blowouts. It's that simple. When choosing my hair dryer, here are a few things I like to consider.

👉🏽A hair dryer with adjustable heat and speed settings

👉🏽It should include a cool shot button. It helps to close the hair's cuticle and lock in the style

👉🏽You should also make sure there are various attachments. Different hair textures need different attachments that affect the airflow.

I was lucky to find this 'Dyson' style hair dryer on #amazon after my hairstylist used it on my hair. So I decided to give it a try! So far, so good! It comes with 2 attachments and a diffuser (and it sells at only 50$).

My home #blowouts (although seldom) end up looking like I just left the salon!

Luckily for you guys, it’s available on my Amazon store - Use the link below to visit my #amazon store.

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That blow dryer looks great! If I didn’t need one with a long nozzle (for my curly hair diffuser), I’d defo pick one up. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have an Amazon store 😀

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