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The Truth About Fat

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

You can't make apple juice with oranges ///

"Can You Turn Fat into Muscle?" - One of the most common questions I get I get asked.

I wanted to address this topic and put out a few interesting facts for you, hoping to clear up the misconceptions.

1️⃣ It is NOT possible to turn fat to muscle; or muscle to fat.

2️⃣ A pound of fat weighs one pound. A pound of muscle weighs one pound!

3️⃣ Muscle is more dense than fat. Denser materials take up less space. This means a specific amount of muscle will occupy less physical space than the same quantity of fat.

4️⃣ The less body fat you have the more definition you will have around your muscles creating a toned physique.

5️⃣ If you do not exercise, your muscles will not grow because they are not being used, causing them to decrease in size.

When done properly and safely, you should expect to drop 5-10 lbs of fat per month. Now, we must take your specific situation into account, but generally speaking, this is the idea.


The weight of your body can fluctuate based on a variety of different criteria:

🔹Muscle will be between 30-55%

🔹Fat between 10 and 30%

🔹Water in your body 10 to 25%

🔹Bones can be as much as 15%

🔹Your organs will be approximately 15%

The exact distribution depends on your current fitness level. A full BodyFat % Assessment is really the best way of knowing if you are really winning the fat vs. muscle hustle.

In order to really crush your goals with weight loss or muscle mass, you need to monitor your diet.

I believe that many of the weight loss goal failures are because we lack support from our coaches. I know it was the problem for me! Which is why when I created my programs that included an 8-week support program. Yup, 7 days a week of instant access to all your concerns and questions. I don’t believe in just providing you with a meal plan or fitness plan and ending the relationship there. Community is always at the forefront. Community is important. Community is key 🔑

If you want to learn more about my programs, click here!


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